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In Southern California, homeowners understand the importance of keeping home air conditioning systems running at peak performance. At REE Mechanical, our technicians offer prompt, professional and complete services for all brands and types of air conditioning appliances. We offer York and Mitsubishi air conditioning options and our continuous training ensures that your systems will be maintained, installed and serviced as manufacturer warranties require.

All Types of Service for All Types of Home AC

Your home’s air conditioning system helps to keep your home cool and comfortable. We find several different types of air conditioners commonly used in homes.

Many homes in our area use a standard exterior condenser connected to an inside air handler and duct system. Other homeowners rely on heat pump technology to both heat and cool air inside the home. Mini-split heat pump systems also provide ductless cooling that is highly efficient. New technology called variable refrigerant flow or VRF systems, originally developed for commercial installations, are now available as a highly efficient option for new heating and cooling installations.

Essential Maintenance Keeps Your Cooling On

Air conditioning works almost constantly for homes in the Temecula and Murrieta, CA area. To keep your family cool and comfortable, regular, scheduled AC maintenance can keep your air conditioning functioning properly and efficiently. If your AC is reaching the end of its lifespan, REE Mechanical can recommend a new system and take care of air conditioning installation promptly and according to manufacturers’ specifications.

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