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Discomfort or inefficiency related to your HVAC system are often caused by poorly designed or ineffective ductwork. The team at REE Mechanical can inspect, assess and help to improve the way your heating and air conditioning systems delivers home comfort. Here are some of the ductwork services that we offer:

Duct Cleaning

Some homes with older HVAC systems may have dust and allergens that have accumulated over the years. Duct cleaning is one option that may help to alleviate some indoor air quality problems.

Duct Design and Repair

When installing a new air conditioning or heating system we can use existing ductwork with some repairs. But if the ductwork is poorly designed or not functioning properly, the duct specialists at REE Mechanical can design and install new ductwork to help your HVAC system work properly.


Adding zoning to your duct system will improve your family’s comfort and allow for better temperature control in different parts of your home. Ductwork baffles, thermostats, air balancing and routing can improve energy efficiency and get your home’s heating and cooling zones on the right track!

Ductwork can be a hidden problem in any home if it’s not working right. Our HVAC team can find the duct solutions that meet your needs!

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Tired of fighting over the thermostat? Upgrading your heating and AC system with zoning can save energy, money and aggravation!